Holmes Electric Heaters

In this page I will review some Holmes electric heaters to help you make the choice. Holmes electric heaters are a great choice since Holmes is a brand with more than 16 years experience. In my opinion, Holmes is the number one brand of electrical space heaters. Holmes offers the newest technologies and the most innovative in nowadays market. Holmes offers a variety of elements and styles including radiant, heather fan and ceramic heaters.

Some advantages of a Holmes electric heater:

Holmes portable electric heaters are family safe – The safety is one of the top priorities of Holmes Company. The Homes has an innovative production of Family-Safe heaters that revolutionize the idea that people have about portable electric heaters and their safety. The Holmes portable electric heathers integrate the best packages of safety available in the market.

Lower Financial and Energetic Costs – One of the common uses of portable electric heaters is supplement a central heating system. But with a Holmes electric space heater you can also lower your energy bills. You do this by using the room heaters to heat just the room where you are in consequence the thermostat of the central heating system can be put in a lower value.

Holmes Heaters are extra efficient - The new Holmes heaters use the Eco-Smart patent pending technology that cycle between wattages. This innovative technology allows the Holmes heather to use 26% to 34% less energy. One example of a Holmes heater that uses this energy saver technology is the Homes Energy Efficient Heater.

Some Reviews:

Holmes HFH2986 Electric Utility Heater: The Holmes HFH2986 is a small portable heater that I thought that he couldn’t fulfill my heating needs. But I was wrong. My apartment doesn’t have central heating system. So I need a good electric heater during the cold winter nights. I tried a fan heater, but it can’t maintain the temperature through the night.
So I bought this heather because the ad said "Whisper Quiet Power Heater Fan". The ad was true and I’m very satisfied with this heather.

  • Advantages of this heather: This efficient electric heater is reliable, great, easy to use, cheap and quite.
  • Disadvantages of this heather: In my opinion the one touch button is annoying to use and a little clucky.
  • Final Result: If you want a small Holmes electric space heater with great price, great performance, and quiet this is right heater for you.

Holmes HFH5606-U Electric Compact Heater: The big problem with this Holmes heater is that he addicted me. I cannot remove this heater from my bedroom.
The base of this heater is about 8 inches square. This heater looks great with any room décor. The electric cord of this Holmes electric heater is six feet long, making positioning this heater an easy task. The weight is probably 5-7 pounds.
In this electric heater you can choose between High and Low heating and if you want you can set it to maintain a certain temperature. This heater hasn’t an oscillation function and the timer also isn’t present.
The low setting of this heater don’t produce noise while the high is a little noisier but still acceptable.

  • Advantages of this heather: This heater is compact, quit and work well for many years.
  • Disadvantages of this heather: The big disadvantage of this heater is the absence of timer and oscillation function.
  • Final Result: I like very much this little heater, this heater is very good and save me on winter nights.

Some Good electric heaters

  • Holmes Product HQH307 Open Flame Electric Compact Heater
  • Holmes Heater BH3950-U Micathermic Electric Utility Heater
  • HCH4953-U Ceramic Electric Compact Heater
  • Holmes Ceramic heater HCH4953-U Ceramic Electric Compact Heater
  • Holmes portable electric heaters HFH416 Electric Compact Heater
  • Holmes portable heater HFH5606-U Electric Compact Heater
  • Holmes HLSHEH8001U Electric Compact Heater
  • Holmes Ceramic Electric Compact Heater HCH4077
  • Product HFH442-UM Electric Heater
  • Ceramic Electric Utility holmes Heater HCH4051
  • Holmes Product HFH4214 Electric Compact Heater
  • Holmes baseboard heater HRH314 Patton
  • Holmes HCH4954-U Ceramic Electric Heater
  • PUH680-U Patton Electric Utility Heater
  • HFH5717 Holmes Electric Compact Heater
  • Ceramic Electric Compact Heater Holmes Product HCH4166TPK-U
  • Electric Utility Holmes Heater BQH308C-U
  • HFH421U Holmes portable Electric burning Heater

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